Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fluff Chucking for Toothy Critters

Well the traditional Pike season has come to an end and to be honest its nice not to have hands that smell like the local fish mongers but with Pike still about a fly fishing approach is great sport and its great being able to travel so light and explore. I ventured down to my local canal to chuck a few tied patterns about hoping for a snatch or two..... didn't take long and a couple of greedy jacks had hit the fly, angry little buggers!
On moving some 50 yards down the bank a cast was hit by what i thought was a Pike only the fight seemed very jaggy and up from the depth's i saw a flash of stripes, a Perch and big bugger too, taking it easy hoping to stay attached she went into the net with the fly falling out once tension was released, a very close call. Well to get a correct weight on this fish it seemed silly to weigh it in the deep wet mesh of a giant Pike net so i emptied the contents of my lunch from a carrier bag gently slid the stripy sergeant into it and onto the scales..... 4lb on the nose! I quickly released her called it a day and strolled home a happy chappy.